Discover the beauty and hidden glamour of Naples. Italy Insight carefully puts together bespoke luxury tours of Naples, combining the top luxury experiences with fine dining and culinary gourmet adventure of the city of a thousand contradictions. 
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Naples is the province with the most Michelin star restaurants in Italy, and worth the trip for the fine dining alone. It is quite possibly Italy’s most romantic city – you have always known; it is the city in Italy that invented pizza, the birthplace of Italian espresso, in fact the heart of Italian food has always been Naples – and Neapolitans, they don’t kid around. Naples will steal your heart and never let it go.
Overlooking its island of Capri, and its coastline of Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento, Naples is happy to sit back and let its cousins steal the limelight while it remains untouched by mass tourism, while the tourists land in Naples airport and flock to its islands, the city is which is enjoyed by those-in-the-know, which is of the many reasons why we love it. Italy Insight’s gourmet network guarantees you the top fine dining experiences in the best fine dining restaurants, we have our finger on the pulse of the award winning, the up and coming, the trending and the Chefs who are at the top of their game.



A different Michelin star restaurant every evening with multi-course degustation menu complete with wine pairings and special behind the scenes private access. Enjoy a private cooking class from an award winning Chef. Naples has over 40 Michelin-star restaurants to chose from, availability depends on the day, please contact us for menus included in our tour. Get in touch


An exclusive visit to Pompei by night (or by day) organised by Italy Insight. See Pompei, buried by the 79 A.D eruption of the active volcano Vesuvius. The city that our volcano both destroyed and preserved – you can still see the bodies in the position they lay at the time they perished.
Accompany this experience with a Michelin star lunch or dinner.

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Get suited by the best bespoke tailor on Earth – Italy Insight organises private tailoring sessions just for you where your atelier can make you a suit of a lifetime in just one week.  
We also organise visits of up to 5
 Neapolitan ateliers in one day. Naples is home to many luxury sartorial, prestigious artigianal tailors, famous all over the world.
Cesare Attolini
….just to name a few.

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Naples is full of incredible beach clubs by the sea and its buzzing nightlife never sleeps. Let Italy Insight organise your VIP experience to enjoy a special evening with friends in the most panoramic and exclusive venues or let us plan your private event or celebration from start to finish. Contact Italy Insight to learn more


Campania is one of the world’s leading and most important regions for coral production in the world, fished in Torre del Greco, as well as in the Gulf of Naples, nearby Capri and Ischia and processed on the coasts of Campania. Italy Insight can arrange private tours of coral factories and coral jewellery viewings.

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