Li Galli

“Hear the song of the syrens

Li Galli are three small islands called Gallo Lungo, Rotonda and Castelletto which are part of the protected marine area of Punta Campanella. According to the legend told by the Greek Home, in this blue sea sirens tempted Ulysses on his way back home. In Greek mythology the sirens symbolized the dangers that awaited seafarers and according to the legends, in ancient times they really lived on these islands. The most famous of the sirens were Parthenope, Leucosia, and Ligeia. One of them sang, the other played the lyre, the third – the flute The group of isles is also known as “Le Sirenuse” (“The Mermaids”), which enchanted celebrities such as Greta Garbo, Sofia Loren and even Jacqueline Kennedy.

Li Galli was acquired by the dancer and choreographer of Russian origin Leonid Miasin (Leonide Massine), the main director of the famous Russian Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Seasons. Gradually, he began to turn the island into a private residence. The building, snow-white inside, having exceptional views of Positano from the windows as decorations, was called the “White House”. It is worth mentioning that the famous architect Le Corbusier took part in the creation of the beautiful villa. There were also huge terraced gardens overlooking the Cape Licosa and the island of Capri.

In different years, renowned celebrities visited Miasin’s villa, including the English princess Margaret Rose, the first lady of the USA Jacqueline Kennedy, the actresses Greta Garbo, Anna Magnani, Sophia Loren, Ingrid Bergman, the filmmakers Roberto Rossellini and Franco Zeffirelli and many others.

After the death of Leonid Miasin, in 1988 the great Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev became the proprietor of the islands of Li Galli. He took up the remake of the island with the same indomitable energy that struck him in his dance. The style of the previous owner seemed to Nureyev too ascetic, and he conceived a grandiose alteration of the interiors. Gradually, the main villa and tower turned into luxurious oriental palaces, bright and superfluous. They say that he loved this island so much, that on the eve of his departure the dancer even kissed the rocks. After the death of Nureyev in 1996, the island was bought by Giovanni Russo, the owner of the hotel from Sorrento, who turned the villa into a hotel.

Today, three mansions with magnificent terraces are lined up on the islands. Their total living area is more than two thousand square meters. With the cleaning system, solar panels, gardens, chicken coop and fishing pier, the island became a small autonomous paradise. A list of amenities also includes a luxurious spa, helipad and three swimming pools. There is a special factory, which produces fresh water for villas, and fresh vegetables are supplied by their own vegetable garden, which is more than one hundred years old. In general, the islands of Li Galli have everything necessary for life and comfortable, secluded rest.