The pearl of  the Mediterranean is a place where the Dolce Vita never ends, a place where myth, history & imagination merge.

“Capri has always existed as un mondo a parte: a world apart.”
It remains one of the most magical places on Earth and retains a unique, special charm that can rival the rest of the world.
Capri was a favourite resort for Augustus and the island was made famous by Tiberius in 27 AD, who made Capri his home for the last decade of his life. The remains of statues of the sea god, Neptune/Triton, dating to the 1st Century AD have been found in the Blue Grotto, and they once lined the walls of the cave decorating Tiberius’ private swimming pool or nympheum.

” Capri remains an icon of  timeless Italian style & its legend is more alive and stainless than ever.  “

Capri is a timeless icon of fashion, glamour and natural beauty and has for centuries been an inspiration for artists, poets, architects and philosophers. Pictured above is a model in Capri for a Dolce and Gabbana fashion show.

Capri’s beauty captured the imagination of the Roman Emperor Augustus in 29 BC, and continues to draw admiring crowds to its picturesque banks. Ferries and hydrofoils transport travellers from Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Naples to its embarkation point at Marina Grande. From here, a funicular runs to the town’s Piazza Umberto. The island’s main attraction is the Blue Grotto. This sea-cave is illuminated a fantastic neon blue, caused by the interplay of light and water. The ruins of Villa Tiberio can be explored following a 45-minute trek up the nearby hill. Legend has it that Tiberius tossed those unfortunate enough to anger him off the precipice; though, luckily, walking down is an option nowadays. On the descent along the path one can take a short detour to the Arco Naturale. This weathered stone arch on the island’s eastern cliffs provides the perfect perspective from which to contemplate the vista that stretches to Paestum. Another interesting villa to explore is the Villa San Michele (in Anacapri), the magnum opus of Swedish author and physician Axel Munthe. Henry James described it as ‘the most fantastic beauty, poetry, and inutility that I have ever seen clustered together.’ Also in Anacapri, take the 12-minute chairlift to the summit of Monte Solaro to experience the breathtaking views stretching to the distant Apennines and Calabria mountains.

The Blue Grotto is thought to be Emperor Tiberius’ personal swimming hole and temple. 
It’s a place that has to be seen to be believed: a dark cavern where the sea glows a vibrant electric blue, the cave’s jaw dropping appearance and mesmerizing history make it an undeniable tourist spot. It offers a rare and authentic magic that is impossible to capture.

“Legend holds that the Blue grotto was a place of worship for Cybele, the pagan goddess of the earth “

A world-famous sea cave, the Blue Grotto is perpetually filled with brilliant sapphire light, caused by sunlight entering through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater from beneath. The cave also contains a smaller opening right at the level of the waterline, through which bright sunshine pours, and through which tourists are admitted by row-boat. Gaze in wonder at the spectral water, more light-filled than the air in the cave, and be sure to dip your hands and watch them glow an eerie silver-blue. Since row-boats entering the cave can only take a maximum of three passengers, you are ensured a private and truly unforgettable experience in the Blue Grotto, one which you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Originally home to the Roman Emperors, Capri’s beaches and winding roads have been tread by the most famous from painter John Singer Sargent to author Graham Greene, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni…. Today chances are you will spot Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Oscar winning actors, tech gurus and politicians, as well as the international jet-set.

The Faraglioni
Perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of Capri are its faraglioni, coastal and oceanic rock formations eroded by waves. These unique natural structures which rise up from the azure waters have been names, Stella, the one connected to the island, and which is 109 metres high, Mezzo, the middle one which measures 82 metres and Scopolo (or Fuori), the furthest from the island which rises to 106 metres. 

Nightclubs in Capri
The List.
Donna Rachele – La Capannina Wine Bar e  Grapperia –Lanterna Verde Soft Bar – Maliblù Number One –  Number Two –     Piano Bar Capri Palace & SPA – Piano Bar Grand Hotel Quisisana Piano Bar Hotel La Palma –  Qubé Cafè Taverna Anema e Core –  The Queen Pub & Disco – Vinoteca della Zagara Wine Bar – VV Club Capri – 

Pictured below:
Celebrities at Anema e Core, Capri

Anema e Core is arguably Capri’s most famous nightclub, but without a doubt the most perfect place for celebrity spotting. At Anema e Core in Capri, dancing the night away is just a little bit different. This is no electronic beat playing dance club, this tiny cave of a night club with super long lines, attracts the most famous celebrities – George Clooney, Beyonce & Jay Z just to name a few, fashion icons like Missoni, models and locals of all ages. Why is this little place so popular? Simple, to party with Guido! Guido Lembo is the main act playing live music from Italy and Spain mostly. Guido is a master of getting even the most famous of patrons on stage for an impromptu show or better yet, onto the tabletops for dancing wee into the morning hours. The party truly kicks off around 11pm and lasts as long as the band is willing to play. This place is for people who like to have a great time! If you’re willing to leave your ego at the door, wear an orange wig, beat a giant tambourine or get on stage and belt out your favourite tune (only if you have the singing chops- this isn’t karaoke!) – this this place is for you.
We warn you – if you’re an uptight kinda guy or gal that isn’t willing to let your hair down- this may not be your cup of tea.


Jay Z & Beyonce
Jennifer Lopez
Jay Z & Beyonce
Nicole Sherzinger in Capri
Danny Devito
Naomi & Stefano Gabbana
Anne Hathaway
Jennifer Lopez
Lenny Kravitz

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